Getting the Perfect Gift, At the Perfect Cost

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Getting the Perfect Gift,At the Perfect

When it comes to shopping for a gift, sometimes the the best way to save money is to be creative. Here are some easy ideas for saving money while giving those you care for a gift they will enjoy.

Have a Go-To Strategy

Keeping a few quick go-to ideas on hand can prevent you from overspending.

  • Have a gift stash. Whenever I see a great item on clearance that can be potentially used as a gift, I add it to a shelf in a cabinet for potential gifts. I can’t name how many times this stash has come in handy. Whether it’s a birthday gift I didn’t have time to shop for, a last minute decision to go to a baby shower or often never planned Thank You or Congratulations gift, going into this stash not only saves me time from having to make a trip to the store, I…

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7 Tips for Getting Cash Back with the Find&Save Mobile Phone App

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Getting cash back with the Find&Save mobile app for iPhone and Android phones is easier than you may think. Here are some quick tips to help you get more Find&Save Cash Dash alerts, more often!

Please note, all store locations may not trigger an alert, and maybe you will get one at a certain store, but someone else who is with you may not. Getting an alert is a fun surprise to add to your shopping experience. In addition to finding the latest deals and coupons, the app provides opportunities to get cash back.

1. Install the Latest Version

Having the most up to date version of the Find&Save app is key. You can visit the App Store or Google Play to make sure you have the most up-to-date version of the Find&Save app installed.


2. Enable Location Services


With so many different types of Android phones using the Find&Save app…

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5 Must-Have Smart Phone Apps for Black Friday Weekend 2014

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Do you know what you’re shopping for this weekend? Every year, shoppers often times spend days before the actual event to scour through the deals, clip coupons and make their list. When it’s time to go shopping, there are several essential mobile phone apps you should have installed…

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Now get Cash Back with the Find&Save Mobile Phone App

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Find&Save just went from saving you money to giving that money right back to you! As you probably know, Find&Save helps shoppers find the latest sales and coupons at nearby stores, based on their current location. Now, they are saving Christmas! The recently launched Cash Dash feature in the…

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New Find&Save Sweepstakes Launched

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We’re giving away thousands of dollars for our great gift giveaway! This week we launched our 2014 sweepstakes for the holiday season. Come play on Find&Save every day this holiday season for a daily chance to scratch and win a $10 or $25 gift card, plus get entries to…

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Now is the time to stock up on paper, pens and more!

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I love notebooks, and pens, and printed folders – colorful office supplies in general. My childhood love of stationary and school supplies has stuck with me and results in an extra set of everything in my home office. As you can imagine, I love Back-To-School Sales! From cheap…

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6 Tips for Getting Started on a Home Organization Project

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Summer is a great time for cleaning your house and tackling all those organization projects. No matter how much time you have to devote to the tasks at hand, your home, garage, and outdoor spaces can all benefit from a little TLC. Read on for some tips on…

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5 Tips For Enjoying Summer In Your Own Backyard

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Summer is coming, and a great thing you can do for your family is to turn your outdoor space into a backyard oasis. Even if you are starting from scratch, turning your yard into a summer fun zone doesn’t have to break the bank. And with Find&Save, you…

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Seven reasons why shopping in a store is better than online

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For every shopper that sings the merits of online shopping, there’s the customer that would rather spend money at local retail shops. But why? asks the online shopper. Don’t you like dragging items into a digital cart while wearing pajamas instead of, say, trying to wrangle a shopping…

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Happy MLK Day!

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